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Colorful Minds Child Development Center is designed to focus and meet individual needs of the children in our program.  Here at CMCDC, together with parents, our goal is to help children develop to their fullest potential intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally.  It is also our sincere devotion to value diversity of cultures and family traditions, which we want to encourage the parents to share any needs, or concerns you have so we can possibly incorporate them into our program.  We are here to provide and support your family for the growth and development of your child.  care1

Our planning process will be done on an individual basis for infants and toddlers.  Our teachers will involve parents in the planning process.  Teachers will also gather age-appropriate materials for the different age groups that will help promote development and learning for the children in our program.  Our team here at CMCDC will interact with all age groups in an environment that will be safe, secure, fun areas for them to broaden the imagination, and most of all nurture. 

The teachers in our program will incorporate the state’s Early Learning Guidelines in their daily schedules.  Our program will strive to meet each individual child’s needs in: 

Social and Emotional Development:  We will provide a close relationship between the teacher/caregiver, child, and the parents.  We will ensure social and emotional development with the children.  Our teachers will observe and help each child with self concept, self control, cooperation, social relationships, and having knowledge of families and communities in our city with diverse backgrounds.  Our motto is, “Welcome to a Colorful World Through Education and Diversity.” 

Approaches to Learning:  This is where our teachers will help your child to identify knowledge and have understanding of their world, this will help them make new experiences, ideas, and concepts.  This will help your child try new things, which will help build initiative and curiosity concepts.  This will also give them reasoning and problem solving in their small world. 

Health and Physical Development:  These needs will be met by allowing your child to use his/her small and large motor skills.  We will encourage your child to use their small motor skills with small age-appropriate objects to help perform a variety of simple tasks.  Eye-had coordination, strength and control, and the ability to participate in the activity are among these tasks.  Large motor skills will be the development of coordination, balance and strength through your child’s activity to manipulate large objects.  Health status and practices will be used in everyday routines at CMCDC.  Children will learn about how nutrition helps the body, washing hands before/after meals, before/after toileting, and brushing their teeth.  There will be plenty of physical activity at CMCDC. 

Language and Literacy Development:  We will incorporate listening and understanding, speaking and communicating, phonological awareness, book knowledge and appreciation, print awareness and concepts, and early writing and alphabet knowledge.  All of these concepts will be used in age-appropriate, fun activities for your child.  Teachers will give a child simple directions to see if they will follow.  They will use books to help identify alphabet letters for the children.  They will work on early handwriting, etc. 

Mathematics:  Our teachers will teach numbers and operations, counting, matching, grouping, easy graphs, patterns and measurements.  Whether it be sorting of different shapes, counting buttons up to ten, or children participating in different measurements with a ruler, this will be a subject that will be made fun for all ages.  There are so many activities that will help your child understand mathematics in an encouraging environment. 

Science:  This is a subject your child is fascinated by everyday activity.  They are natural observers.  He/She will become higher-level thinkers.  They will learn through scientific skills and methods and having scientific knowledge.  They will learn to compare and observe, find answers to questions through active investigation.  They will be able to put things in its correct sequence. 

Creative Arts:  Creative arts will be encouraged through music, art, movement and dramatic play in the classrooms.  Your child will be able to express their individuality through these areas.  Your child will learn different rhythms and beats with different instruments, singing and dancing to these instruments understanding fast and slow beats, loud and soft.  Role playing as a group or two to three children playing will be encouraged.  Art in the classrooms will be a way to show your child’s own individuality in a group setting.  They will be able to express themselves through their art.  They will get to use many materials.  Paint, molding clay, tissue paper, uncooked pasta, pipe cleaners, making their own play dough, etc.  This will be a wonderful learning experience through hands-on activities.

Parent Communication Daily Report 

What were the highlights of your child’s day?  What were the activities? If your child is an infant, when were diapers changed and how long were naps?  Was your child happy or fussy?  Those are the kinds of details you’ll learn from the Daily Report – along with other notes and important reminders – filled out by your child’s teacher and caregivers every single day. 

The Daily Report not only keeps you informed, it helps connect you with your child.  You can use it to follow up on the day’s events, talk about feelings or even plan for the next day.  This will be one of the tools we will be providing to help encourage teachers/parents to have open communication to help the growth and development for your child(ren)
We encourage you to Enroll Now and experience, “a Colorful World through Education and Diversity.”
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